• The World Economic Forum's stable of podcasts tackle the world's biggest challenges.
  • This week's edition of Radio Davos is dedicated to the leaders tackling those challenges.
  • This episode features Verizon's Hans Vestberg sharing highlights from sister podcast Meet the Leader, a podcast featuring the world's top leaders.
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In the past year, the World Economic Forum has launched a slate of podcasts, all dedicated to tackling the world's biggest challenges. This week, Radio Davos sets its sights on leaders driving change, sharing highlights from its sister podcast Meet the Leader, a podcast about the change-makers scaling the biggest solutions of our time.

This edition features Meet the Leader's recent episode with Hans Vestberg, the CEO of Verizon. Telecoms leader Vestberg has dedicated his life to bridging connectivity gaps and currently serves as the chair of the World Economic Forum's Edison Alliance, a World Economic Forum initiative dedicated to bringing affordable broadband to more than 3 billion people.

Vestberg is also dedicated to improving his leadership skills. He uses spreadsheets to help track his time to ensure that his focus is applied to the right priorities. He even tracks his energy, knowing the impact his actions can have on his team. Vestberg sees leadership as a profession - one that requires a skillset you must constantly adapt and improve.

Learn more about Vestberg - and the Meet the Leader Podcast - on this week's Radio Davos.

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