• For a second year, global news has been dominated by the COVID19 pandemic.
  • CNN's Eleni Giokos joins Radio Davos to look at that, and some of the other big news stories of the year.
  • The invasion of the US Capitol, the postponed Olympics, and COP26 were all big news events.

The Radio Davos podcast joins CNN anchor Eleni Giokos to look through a small selection of big stories, and we listen back to some remarkable news reports.

Eleni Giokos, CNN anchor and correspondent based in Dubai, spoke to Radio Davos from quarantine in a hotel in Greece.

2021 news review

"If you'd said to me last year that that we would be talking again with me in quarantine and you recovering from COVID, I would have said: 'You're a doomsayer.' And now I've literally been put in my place realising that we're still very much in the thick of things," Eleni says.

"But despite everything that's happened this year, I still feel that there are so many people working to ensure we get through COVID-19 that it gives me hope."

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