• The Book Club podcast is the latest podcast to launch from the World Economic Forum.
  • The podcast features in-depth interviews with some of our favourite authors.
  • Our inaugural episode will feature best-selling author, organizational psychologist Adam Grant.
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Want to hear from the world's best authors on how and why they write? The Book Club podcast from the World Economic Forum is the pace to go - bringing readers one-of-a-kind conversations with the planet’s greatest thinkers and storytellers.

The podcast is an extension of the Forum’s Book Club, which has flourished over the past three years, allowing a community of over 200,000 readers to share their views and put their questions to top authors.

Book Club

Hosted by Book Club founder Beatrice Di Caro, the podcast will tap the Forum's unique access to the world's best minds - from novelists to economists, psychologists and historians. Engaging one-on-one conversations will explore writers' recent work, motivations, inspirations and more.

Our first episode, featuring Professor Adam Grant, will go live on 16 December 2021 so please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, to get that and all subsequent episodes.

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