Alyssa McDonald

Global Shaper, Vancouver Hub

I’m an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Coach, and Global Shaper from the Vancouver Hub.

❇️ MY WORK: I work with purpose-driven leaders to achieve their goals in an inclusive, sustainable way. I help build careers full of energy, connection, joy, and compassion—that sidestep burnout, imposter syndrome, distractions, and the many other things that slow us down.

❇️ MY STORY: I grew up with a young single mom—with unstable housing and no food in the cupboards. Business was a beacon of empowerment. I started working in retail at 13 years old. Got my first marketing job at 16. Now, at 31, I'm lucky to be able to share my lessons and tools to help others along their journey.

❇️ MY PASSION: Amidst climate change and economic uncertainty, I believe our biggest opportunity today is to: 1️⃣ help people understand their life purpose, and 2️⃣ ensure people leverage their unique gifts and life experiences to achieve that purpose.

❇️ MY TOOLS: 1️⃣ Industrial-organizational psychology (specific shout-outs to positive psychology, neuroscience, training, and organizational design/development!), 2️⃣ 10 years in sales and marketing for tech and social enterprises, and 3️⃣ 4 years in sustainability consulting and engagement.

❇️ MY GRATITUDE: On a final note, I could not be more grateful for this community! I've been an active Shaper since 2017 and stepped into the Vice Curator role for the Vancouver Hub in 2020-2021.

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