David Gann

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Development and External Affairs, University of Oxford

CBE CEng FICE FCGI. Accomplished university leader, strategist and advocate, known for work on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology management. Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, Oxford University. Previously Professor of Technology and Innovation Management, Imperial College London. Chairman, UK Atomic Energy Authority. Non-Executive Director, Directa Plus, the world's largest producer of pristine graphene. Non-Executive Director VenCap International plc - the venture fund-of-funds. Member UK Government Innovation Expert Group. Main interest: innovation strategy and entrepreneurship - why and how innovation happens, continually transforms the world we live in, and how it can be managed. Expertise: building relationships proactively and internationally, to connect ideas, research and solutions with substantial funding between academia, business and government.

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许多世界知名的企业家并不以其通情达理而闻名。我们的文化将某种“强势”的个性与企业成功联系在一起:不管是像《飞黄腾达》(“你被解雇了”)、《龙穴》(“我被淘汰了”)和Mad Money(“牛市赚钱;熊市赚钱;被屠宰的只有猪”)电视节目,还是商业专辑的标题The Titan, The Patriarch, Make Trouble, The Power Broker,通情达理...

15 Apr 2019