Justin Adams

Executive Director, Tropical Forest Alliance, World Economic Forum

Over 25 years championing innovation and sustainability in the private and public sector to address the challenge of climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainable livelihoods. Joined the World Economic Forum to lead the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) in November 2018. As the leading global platform focused on reducing commodity-driven deforestation the TFA is catalysing public-private partnerships across key tropical forest countries in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Prior to the TFA, spent 5 years as Global Managing Director for Lands at the Nature Conservancy; launched and led all the organization’s work on Natural Climate Solutions and set up the nature4climate partnership. Before joining The Nature Conservancy, spent 20 years in the private sector with senior roles in the renewable energy and agriculture sectors including setting up BP Ventures investing more than $150 million in cleantech companies. Adviser to the World Bank 2012-14 supporting the design and fund-raising for the $300 million BioCarbon Fund. Served on the board of multiple cleantech companies in the period 2006-15 and was a Fellow at the Smith School, University of Oxford from 2012-18. Business graduate from Bath University.

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