Luca Fumarco

RED, Institut National de la Statistique et des études économiques, Luxembourg

Luca Fumarco joined in October 2015 the research centre RED, at the Institut National de la Statistique et des études économiques of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where he is involved in the project “PIBien-être.” He completed his PhD studies in Spring 2015 at the Linnaeus University in Sweden, where he discussed his thesis on discrimination and relative age effects. Previously, he obtained a MSc’s double-degree in Economics and Public Management, at the University of Eastern Piedmont (2009), in Italy, and at the University Rennes 1 (2008), in France. Luca's recent work is focused on ethnic discrimination in the labour market, disability discrimiantion in the housing market and long-term relative age effects in tertiary education, labour market outcomes, wellbeing and sports.

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