Maksim Burianov

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Maksim Burianov - Chief Analytics Officer at Startup Central Eurasia, Expert analyst at the International Telecommunication Union (UN ITU). Maksim is the lead venture scout for the Central Eurasia Venture Club and an expert on developing startup ecosystems. Co-organizer of regional events in CE, trainings for startups and leaders of the startup ecosystem.

Maksim is an active supporter of sustainable development in all spheres of life. Member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum. He is an active participant in the Davos Lab project from Global Shapers.

The lead of the "Global Digital Human Rights for the 4IR" and director of the Global Law Forum. Expert of the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations (ITU UN) Youth Council in the CIS and participant of the Generation Connection project. Researcher of global processes and risks. He is the winner of international scientific competitions in the field of jurisprudence, integration processes (Eurasia, CIS), and digital technologies (Web 3.0, GovTech, industry 4.0). Author of two popular science books: 1. Digital Human Rights in the Context of Global Processes; 2. Digital Rights of the Child.

Maksim is a lawyer, an active fighter for human rights, and the author of the concept of global digital human rights, UN SDG 16 Ambassador to Russia for the period from 2020 to 2021. Holder of a master's degree in law (international law and human rights), author of the first study making sense of the risks and opportunities of web 3.0, GPT chat in the context of human rights.

Expert in the field of digitalization of law, global education, and global law. He is a supporter of fair global governance for the transition to the sustainable development of civilization:
Researcher at the Liberty of Conscience Institute, since 2017. Researcher of global processes and risks, an expert in the field of digitalization and human rights - and .

Maksim Burianov has about sixty publications scientific publications and reported at more than 100 international conferences, scientific topics: global law, global governance, sustainable development, global digital human rights for 4IR, the risks of digitalization, approaches to solving global problems

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