Marcus Ranney

Alumni, Global Shapers Community, Thrive Global

BSc and MD, University College Medical School, London. Passion for sports and extreme medicine and physiology has endured for more a decade, conducting field research across the planet. Expeditions include climbing the sides of Everest, skiing in the Arctic and traversing the European Alps. Former: Medical Officer, British Royal Air Force; Medical Officer, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Practiced clinical medicine in London. Currently in Mumbai part of the team at RoundGlass Partners, a digital health and wellness firm. As vice president in the investment team, his responsibilities involve finding the right ideas and entrepreneurs to invest in, creating an ecosystem of world class collaborative digital platforms that together work towards improving the heath and wellness of an individual through the power of mobile technology. Strategic mentorship and advisory roles to various start-ups. As a Global Shaper, World Economic Forum, works with a number of NGOs. Athlete; regularly participates in half marathons, Guinness World Record Holder. Authoring a book in the field of popular science on the future of health 2030 (forthcoming) and TEDx speaker.

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