Dr Mifrah Sherwani

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Dr. Mifrah Sherwani, a highly skilled and passionate medical professional whose expertise spans across various fields of medicine. Driven by a profound passion for healthcare and a relentless pursuit of making a positive impact in the lives of others, she continually seeks out new challenges and opportunities to enhance her skills and expand her knowledge.

Dr. Sherwani finds immense joy in tackling complex medical problems, creating value, and fostering impactful changes on a large scale. Her dedication to medicine extends beyond her professional pursuits as she actively engages in volunteering activities. Dr. Sherwani has been involved with renowned organizations such as Global Shapers, AIESEC, UNAP, United States Institute of Peace, Amnesty International, TCF, HOPES (Help of Patients in Exigency by Students), and SAAYA, demonstrating her commitment to humanitarian causes and community welfare.

With her multifaceted expertise, unwavering passion for medicine, and dedication to serving others, Dr. Mifrah Sherwani stands as an exemplary figure in the medical community, making significant contributions towards improving healthcare and fostering positive change in society.

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