Tatiana Reuil

Global Shaper, Buenos Aires Hub, Buenos Aires Hub

Tatiana Reuil is a social scientist and science communicator who specializes in intercultural challenges and global issues. Her professional and personal purpose is to ensure access to information and critical thinking as tools to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as spaces for dialogue, respect and mutual understanding. She created projects and integrated multiple international organizations around cultural diversity, identities, global issues and inclusion.
She argues that to build Diversity and Inclusion strategies, Education and Public Opinion are key for change.

Moreover, she believes in Community Building, Change Management, Education, Communication and professional development as key to foster any transformation.

You will find Tatiana in multiple projects, organizations and initiatives because she is a curious professional with a passion for Change and Education. Find more information on her Linkedin and website www.tatianareuil.com

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