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Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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How can we maximize the benefits of science and technology for society? That's our mission. To achieve it, we’ve created a global hub of expertise, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, based in San Francisco

We partner with governments, leading companies, civil society, and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative new approaches to policy and governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Real-World Impact at the Speed of Now

We’re not just developing new ideas – we’re implementing them across the globe at the pace demanded by technological change.

Our approach

Public-Private Cooperation for Global Impact

As a leader, expert or innovator, you may have great ideas for the Fourth Industrial Revolution governance. But you can’t make global change alone.

Our partners

The Most Daunting Challenges of Our Generation

From artificial intelligence to precision medicine, we aim to unlock the potential of cutting edge technologies to transform society.

Our projects

Center Partners and Members

Our Partners
Center Partners are global companies with the scale and ambition to help chart Fourth Industrial Revolution governance. Partners play a core leadership role in co-designing Center project(s). They include:

Reliance Industries, Salesforce

ABB, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Hitachi,Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft Corporation, Palantir Technologies, SAP, Sompo Holdings, Suntory Holdings Ltd.

American Heart Association, Baker McKenzie, BBVA, Cyberdyne, Dignity Health, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Huawei, Hyundai Motor Company, IDEO, Sberbank, Turkcell, TUSIAD, Wipro

Our Members
Center Members are world’s most impactful start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. They are actively engaged in Forum efforts to advance global collaboration on the Fourth Industrial Revolution to benefit society. They include:

Alto Data Analytics, Apttus, AutonomiQ, Averon, BestMile SA, ConsenSys, Contextere, Deposit Solutions, Dispatch Labs, Door2Door, EdgeMakers, Faethm Pty Ltd, FiscalNote, Globality, Inc., Quid, Shanghai Liulishuo Information Technology, Sedicii, Spire Global, Storecoin, Synthace, Uptake Technologies, Watersmarts

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Brochure: Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a newly established
focal point within the international community for multistakeholder dialogue and
concrete cooperation on governance challenges and opportunities presented by
advanced technologies. Read more here.

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