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The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a hub for global, multistakeholder cooperation to develop policy frameworks and advance collaborations that accelerate the benefits of science and technology.

Emerging technologies inevitably have both merits and risks. The extent to which the benefits are maximized and the risks mitigated depends on the quality of governance protocols – policies, norms, standards and incentives that shape the development and deployment of technologies. Governance must be stable, interoperable, predictable and transparent enough to build confidence among investors, companies, scientists and the general public, but also agile enough to remain relevant in the face of rapid advances in technology.

Policy governing emerging technologies is currently piecemeal: Some areas are regulated heavily, others hardly at all. Often, mechanisms for policy-makers to interact with people at the cutting edge of research simply do not exist.

There is a need for a global and trusted space where leading technology companies, dynamic start-ups, policy-makers, international organizations, regulators, business organizations, academia and civil society can collaborate to develop the agile policy norms and partnerships needed to stimulate the enormous potential of science and technology, deliver rapid growth and generate sustainable, positive impact for all.

Drawing on the World Economic Forum’s global convening power, community creation and insight generation, the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco aims to accelerate cross-sector cooperation for Fourth Industrial Revolution governance. The Center will develop, pilot and scale agile and human-centred governance tools that can be adopted by policy-makers, legislators and regulators worldwide to address challenges related to emerging technologies.


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Murat Sönmez

Head of the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network


Zvika Krieger

Head of Technology Policy and Partnerships

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Sarita Nayyar

Chief Operating Officer Forum USA LLC, World Economic Forum LLC

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Richard Samans

Managing Director, Head of Policy and Institutional Impact, World Economic Forum LLC

Center Partners and Members

Our Partners
Center Partners are global companies with the scale and ambition to help chart Fourth Industrial Revolution governance. Partners play a core leadership role in co-designing Center project(s). They include:

Reliance Industries, Salesforce

ABB, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Hitachi,Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft Corporation, Palantir Technologies, SAP, Suntory Holdings Ltd.

American Heart Association, Baker McKenzie, BBVA, Cyberdyne, Dignity Health, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Huawei, IDEO, Sompo Holdings, Sberbank, Turkcell, TUSIAD, Wipro

Our Members
Center Members are world’s most impactful start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. They are actively engaged in Forum efforts to advance global collaboration on the Fourth Industrial Revolution to benefit society. They include:

Apttus, AutonomiQ, Averon, BestMile SA, ConsenSys, Contextere, Deposit Solutions GmbH, Door2Door, EdgeMakers, Faethm Pty Ltd, FiscalNote, Globality, Inc., Quid, Shanghai Liulishuo Information Technology, Sedicii, Spire Global, Storecoin, Synthace, Uptake Technologies, Watersmarts

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