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Centre for Cybersecurity

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We will undertake efforts and deliver solutions in the following work streams:

Foster global governance

Support governance at the enterprise, regional and international levels, including through the development of effective risk-management practices and cybersecurity policies

Stimulate efforts to reduce cybercrime

Deter cybercrime by identifying, implementing and enforcing measures that counter popular criminal models, including high-gain/low-risk.

Facilitate global cybercrisis management

Heighten organizational cyber preparedness and resilience as part of broader efforts to build global capabilities in managing and mitigating cybercrisis.

Anticipate future threats and risks

Project future cyber-risks and work with our partners to address and respond to these risks from a global, industrial and organizational perspective.

Develop a global cybersecurity workforce

Establish a network of partners to actively build the future cybersecurity workforce to meet global human capital demands.

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