World Economic Forum

Centre for Cybersecurity

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What do we want to achieve? Powerful global solutions to cyberthreats.

Reduce global cyberattacks

By developing global security standards, policies and practices, and by promoting and implementing security by design

Contain current and future cyberattacks

Globally through intensified cooperation and information sharing

Deter cybercrime

By heightening the risks associated with participating in illegal cyber activities by means of reinforced collaboration between public and private partners.

How will we achieve our aims?

The World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity will:

Establish, activate and coordinate global public-private partnerships to encourage intelligence sharing and the development of cyber norms
Collectively develop, test and implement cutting-edge knowledge and tools to foresee and protect against cyberattacks, current and future
Implement global capacity-building and training programmes to produce the next generation of cybersecurity professionals
Establish, coordinate and facilitate a Global Rapid-Reaction Cybersecurity Task Force comprised of experts from our partner community to help mitigate the negative impact of severe global cyberattacks.

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