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Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution China

We must proactively work together to harness the full potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility and the Internet of Things are some of the emerging technologies changing lives and transforming businesses faster than we can imagine. The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution China will bring together leaders at the highest level from government, business and other sectors of society to advance global cooperation in the field of science and technology.

As a Public-Private platform, together we will explore and co-design, pilot and scale the adoption of practical tools for agile governance such as protocols, guidelines and the industry standards needed to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies. These will be piloted at the national, provincial and city levels and shared globally in order to accelerate adoption.

Real-World Impact at the Speed of Now

We’re not just developing new ideas – we’re implementing them across the globe at the pace demanded by technological change.

Our approach

Public-Private Cooperation for Global Impact

As a leader, expert or innovator, you may have great ideas for the Fourth Industrial Revolution governance. But you can’t make global change alone.

The Most Daunting Challenges of Our Generation

From artificial intelligence to precision medicine, we aim to unlock the potential of cutting edge technologies to transform society.

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