Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India

In 2020-21, C4IR India is co-designing and piloting innovative and scalable value based projects across three areas of focus



Smart Cities


AI in Ethics

Create an overarching ethics framework for the design, development and deployment of artificial intelligence in India.

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Integrating advanced AI technologies in agriculture is required to build the scope and pace necessary for a digitally-enabled transformation of the sector.

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Chatbots RESET

Design frameworks for governing chatbots by bringing together chatbot developers, chatbot platforms, the medical community, civil society, academia and healthcare regulators.

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AI for Smart Cities

Build a plug-and-play model for data governance, innovation and policy for cities to adopt alongside forming an ecosystem of value addition and improved service delivery in cities.

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Harmonising Systems: Smart Contract & Interoperability

Building governance frameworks for interoperability and harmonization between new blockchain-based and legacy systems.

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Medicine from the Sky

Improving health outcomes and supply chains by engaging Unmanned Aerial Systems

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