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HUB Ocean

HUB Ocean, part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, is dedicated to the sharing of ocean data. The Centre brings leaders from global industry, research and policy organisations together to impact ocean health and productivity. Central to the work of unlocking the power of ocean data is the development of the groundbreaking Ocean Data Platform. Projects are run with some of the leading research institutions and industries in the world, with data providing deep and contextualised insight for better decision-making, working towards a productive and healthy ocean. HUB Ocean is a joint initiative by the Aker Group and the World Economic Forum with a global ocean mandate.

Launched: June 06, 2020

Host Institution: Aker ASA

Centre Head: Kimberly Mathisen


Next Generation Shipping Emissions Tracking

NoA Ignite, Microsoft and HUB Ocean have jointly developed a solution that makes it possible to trend greenhouse gas emissions from the world shipping fleet.

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Flexible Fisheries Management

From Static to Flexible Fishery Management. Together with Aker BioMarine, we are creating a self-service solution for scientists to access acoustic data for use in krill biomass estimation.

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Ocean Data Action Coalition

Anchored in the private sector, the Ocean Data Action Coalition will enable bridges between ongoing multilateral programs within the framework of the UN Decade for Ocean Science, panel-countries and key players in business and industry to unlock and share ocean data.

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Iliad, Digital Twin of the Ocean

Along with 56 partners from 18 countries, HUB Ocean is part of the Iliad Consortium who will develop and launch a Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) that will provide highly accurate predictions of future developments at global seas.

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Salmon Lice Data Sharing

A significant increase in the production of blue food is a vital part of meeting our planet's rising demand for nutrition. One of the factors limiting growth in the salmon aquaculture industry today is concerns over fish health and welfare, most of all as a consequence of handling salmon lice.

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