Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are shaping the trajectory of technological change by building trust, creating insight, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders locally, nationally and globally.

Our centres, initiatives and innovators are shaping the trajectory of technological change, amongst others by:

Creating innovative policy frameworks which support and accelerate technological innovation while mitigating risks

Accelerating sectoral transformation with policies that advance the responsible up-take of emerging technologies

Promoting technology-driven solutions to mitigate societal divisions, enable equal access, and protect citizens

Scaling-up technology-driven solutions to tackle climate change, halt biodiversity loss, reduce waste, and preserve the planet

Impact highlights

SME Futures Network

Lower barriers and enabling adoption of industrial IoT among SMEs

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National Drone Initiative (Israel)

Building a national drone delivery network in order to improve access to medical and consumer goods.

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Ocean Data Platform

A global, open-source, integrated data digital ecosystem to improve decision making for ocean health and productivity

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Artificial Intelligence for Agricultural Innovation

Transforming the agricultural landscape, in a way that is profitable and sustainable for farmers, using AI

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Drone resource delivery (Rwanda)

Creating agile-regulations to deploy drones for medical deliveries, infrastructure inspections and other applications.

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G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance

Make the global smart city market healthier and more efficient

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