Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We are shaping technology governance and sectoral transformation with 30+ large-scale initiatives across four workstreams, led by 300+ public and private organizations.

We also act as an action platform for numerous other Forum initiatives with a critical technology dimension, from advanced manufacturing to autonomous mobility, to precision medicine.

Our initiatives drive fast-paced, iterative institutional design to close system gaps that result from the diverging pace of technological and institutional change. All our initiatives pursue different outcomes but share a set of common principles including:

Agility & speed: testing and iterating solutions through a series of rapid sprints with value delivered along the way.

Collaboration: building solutions on existing or complementary efforts from across sectors and domains.

Multi-stakeholder: considering diverse perspectives to identify unmet needs and avert unintended consequences

Adaptability: balancing standardization and contextualization to facilitate local adaptation and iteration

The Centre is co-designing and piloting policy frameworks and governance protocols across six areas of focus.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Accelerating the societal benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning while ensuring equity, privacy, transparency, accountability and social impact.

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Flagship Initiatives: AI and Machine Learning

AI Procurement 2.0

Creating and implementing a model for AI Procurement in a Box, gathering new evidences to support the market-shaping role of public procurement in fostering the development of human-centered AI

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Empowering AI Leadership

A toolkit for corporate officers to identify the benefits of artificial intelligence for their companies and how to operationalize it in a responsible way

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Generation AI: Developing Artificial Intelligence Standards for Children

Artificial intelligence can potentially benefit children, but special attention must be paid to protecting the most vulnerable demographic

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Blockchain and Digital Assets

Ensuring equity, interoperability, transparency and trust in the governance of distributed ledger technology – and accelerating the necessary changes for this technology to reach its full potential.

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Flagship Initiatives: Blockchain and Digital Assets

Digital Currency Governance Consortium

This consortium focuses on the discussion and development of relevant and timely governance and benefits from multi-sector input

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Crypto Impact and Sustainability Accelerator (CISA)

CISA aims to Accelerate progress around ESG targets for the crypto ecosystem and shape a cohesive narrative that highlights how the crypto sector can lead in contributions to ESG

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Redesigning Trust: Blockchain for Supply Chains

As organizations look forward to building more resilient supply chains for the future, it will be more important than ever to ensure that technology deployments are inclusive, interoperable, and have integrity

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Data Policy

Co-designing, piloting and scaling forward-looking, interoperable, and trustworthy data policies to propel innovation and accelerate responsible use of data.

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Flagship Initiatives: Data Policy

Data for Common Purpose Initiative (DCPI)

Creating a new flexible data governance models that allows for the combining of data from personal, commercial, and government sources, while still respecting rights, will positively empower a variety of stakeholders while removing unintended policy barriers

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Operationalizing a Responsible Data Ecosystem

Working with industry leaders, consumer advocates, lawyers, and technologists, this multistakeholder initiative aims to develop and deploy practical and impactful policy tools that increase responsible behaviour in the data ecosystem

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Pathways to Digital Justice

Creating a new policy framework that effectively addresses issues of justice arising in a range of digital contexts, which will guide policy efforts towards combating data-driven harms

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Quantum Computing

The World Economic Forum's Quantum Computing Network is a community of executives and experts from business, government, academia, non-profits, and international organizations with a shared commitment to accelerating the responsible deployment of quantum computing applications.

Communities and Initiatives: Quantum Computing

Global Future Council on Quantum Computing

The Global Future Council on Quantum Computing acts as an advisory committee to the Quantum Computing Network whose mission is to accelerate the realization of opportunities associated with quantum computing, and to drive collaboration on addressing the concurrent set of emerging risks and security challenges.

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Quantum Computing Governance Initiative

The Quantum Computing Governance initiative is bringing together a global multistakeholder community of experts from across public sector, private sector, academia and civil society to formulate principles and create a broader framework for responsible and purpose-driven design and adoption of quantum computing technologies to drive positive outcomes for society.

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Quantum Security Initiative

The Quantum Security initiative, part of the World Economic Forum – Quantum Computing Network, is a community of senior executives and experts from business, academia, governments and non-profit organizations at the forefront of promoting secure adoption of quantum technologies.

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Urban Transformation

Transforming the spaces in which we live, work and play to enable a more sustainable, resilient and prosperous future for all.

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Flagship Initiatives: Urban Transformation

G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance

Leading a global effort to advance the responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies

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Future of the Connected World

Shaping the development and deployment of technology in the public interest by accelerating and amplifying world-leading policies, partnerships and practices

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SME Futures Network

A global network of pilots in Brazil, Colombia, Turkey and South Africa that aims to decrease the digital divide by enabling SMEs to access the benefits of IoT and emerging technologies

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