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Ocean Data Platform

Ongoing (updated Jan 2022)

A global, open-source, integrated data digital ecosystem to improve decision making for ocean health and productivity


  • Smarter and more efficient processes
  • Robust protocols, systems, and processes
  • International deployment and adoption


Liberating ocean data to inform decision making for a sustainable, healthy ocean


  • Develop an open-source data platform (to be launched summer 2022)

  • Support processes to minimize legal, geopolitical, competitive barriers to data sharing (see ODAC)

  • Integrate use cases/applications that support a healthy ocean


  • A single place for cross-source, cloud-based data analysis

  • A platform for data sharing and collaboration tools with scientists and stakeholders

  • Easy to understand method for data visualisation and collaboration tools for decision making

The Ocean Data Platform is the central vehicle in HUB Ocean’s efforts to unlock the power of ocean data. The Platform is designed as a global, open-source, integrated data digital ecosystem built to pilot and support new data-driven tools to improve ocean health and productivity. It is being developed in partnership with Microsoft and Cognite.

The Platform is currently at a prototype phase but is already being developed for tangible applications including fishery management and shipping emissions tracking. The ambition is for the Ocean Data Platform to become the largest, most inclusive hub for data driven solutions for the ocean. It will dramatically improving access and ease of use for a variety of data coming from historic and real-time data sources and empower real-time ocean observing systems with capabilities to do advanced predictions and intelligent actions.

Supporting the broader success of ODP is the Ocean Data Action Coalition, which brings together the private sector to liberate and safeguard ocean data. This includes working with legal firms to manage the risks of data sharing and collaborating with our Data for Common Purpose Initiative to leverage the power of data exchanges.

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