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Participation in the Centre’s projects is reserved for governments, companies, start-ups, academic institutions, civil society, international organizations, and experts with the scale and ambition to shape the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Depending on the depth of their engagement, partners can engage with a number of projects each year, and may be entitled to embed key personnel within the Centre for extended periods.

Engagement allows for attendance at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the Forum meeting devoted to science, technology and innovation, held annually in China. In addition, it gives access to the Forum’s online platforms, TopLink and Transformation Maps. Partnering organizations will also be able to participate in meetings and workshops at the Center.

To find out more about engagement opportunities, please contact: Ruth Hickin, Business Engagement,

Governments can partner with the Centre to pilot the innovative policy frameworks developed by our teams focused on different technologies. To find out more about government partnership opportunities and public sector engagement, email

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The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution invites and mobilizes global cooperation dedicated to developing policy principles and frameworks that speed up the application of science and technology in the global public interest.

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We discuss ethical issues, values and regulation of 4IR technologies such as the internet of things and AI/machine learning. The projects of the Centre want to inspire exchange and sharing of big ideas and insights.


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A global hub of expertise, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, we are located at the Presidio in San Francisco, close to the world’s foremost technology companies, start-ups, investors, venture capital firms and academic institutions.

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