100 Million Farmers

100 Million Farmers is a multistakeholder platform catalysing action to transition to net-zero, nature-positive food systems by 2030. It sets out a shared global ambition while supporting local solutions that incentivize farmers and empower consumers to place climate, nature and resilience at the core of the food economy.

Agricultural systems are acknowledged for their unique potential to address global challenges. Food system actors can feed a growing population while supporting the fight against climate change and nature loss.

Translating global ambition into place-based action

100 Million Farmers is a global platform driving an action-focused agenda anchored in regional and national coalitions that develop “lighthouse” projects led by multistakeholder public-private coalitions. By building and aligning efforts at the local level, the platform will catalyse and enact cost-effective, practical solutions tailored to local food systems and the natural ecosystems they depend on, and designed to reach a tipping point of farmers within the region to drive transformative change.

All 100 Million Farmers lighthouse projects draw on critical enablers, such as innovation, data, transformative finance and partnerships, and adapt these to the local context. The platform model also ensures the sharing and translation of best practices across regions.

Towards net-zero, nature-positive food systems

100 Million Farmers has three bold objectives: accelerating the transition towards food systems that are net-zero, nature-positive and that increase farmer resilience. All three are critical to achieve a successful transition.

Ambitious and integrated action across sectors is needed to rebuild the food and agriculture economy with climate, nature and resilience at its core. Critical to this action is the development and deployment of market-based incentives – such as carbon markets – that signal to actors along supply chains that there is value beyond productivity alone.

To do so the platform will act on three levels:

  1. Support a shared narrative

    Include food systems and farmers as part of the solutions to address climate change and nature loss

  2. Accelerate action

    Facilitate collective action through multistakeholder partnerships that work with farmers to drive action and deliver on net-zero, nature-positive targets

  3. Unlock scale

    Activate a systems change by reaching 100 million farmers and 1 billion consumers to shift to sustainable agriculture by supporting the needed enabling environment.

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