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The community is currently focusing on two topics: the future of higher education, and the role of science in society.

In 2006, the Forum created the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF), a community of the presidents of the top 25 universities in the world, to offer them a non-competitive platform for high-level dialogue on higher education and research. The GULF gives universities the opportunity to engage a larger pool of stakeholders, including the business community, in their discussions and initiatives to foster collaboration in areas of significance for global policy.

The APRN also engage a broader network of top universities by integrating them into the Forum’s projects and programming activities throughout the year.

Think Tank Leaders Forum

Launched in 2014, the Think Tank Leaders Forum is a community comprising 25 of the leading policy and research institutes from across the globe. It features thought leaders with expertise in issues that include geopolitics, global governance, economics, science & technology, the environment, and society and human development.

The aim of the community is to facilitate analysis and discussion of important global issues by thought-leaders from the policy/research community. It also aims to give these leaders and institutions access to leading policy-makers, and help them to shape policy on issues that are critical to peace and growth. The community acts as an important intellectual community within the Forum, serving as a top advisory body to the institution’s leadership, and as a resource for the Forum’s members and constituents.

Global Future Councils

World-class experts from the APRN community are also integrated into the Network of Global Future Councils. Read more about our Network of Global Future Councils.