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Africa’s narrative is changing from a continent in need of aid to a place of opportunity for growth and prosperity. Many African countries are seeking emerging-economy status within the next two decades, which they could achieve if they are able to sustain double-digit growth. These high aspirations call for new governance models to capitalize on opportunities and address new challenges. Africa also needs to identify quality growth models that increase competitiveness and employment while lowering poverty. Concurrently, Africa’s swelling consumer base is offering new retail opportunities.

The ongoing commodity boom also offers the opportunity for Africa to transform its natural resource wealth into much-needed infrastructure and basic development. In addition, Africa needs to contend with a changing global landscape incorporating an economic slowdown among traditional trading partners, and an upsurge in economic interest among the leading emerging economies.
To address these challenges and opportunities that are facing the African continent the Global Agenda Council on Africa has adopted the following mandate: Provide thought leadership to create public-private cooperation frameworks for fast-tracking economic transformation and inclusive growth in Africa.
The Forum will ensure that the council, through this mandate, will complement the Common African Position (CAP) post-2015 development agenda, as well as the African Union Agenda 2063. In addition, the council will work with the African Development Bank, the UNECA and the AU to better align overall support to the three pan-African regional organizations.
Through advocacy and awareness, the council will ensure that Africa’s issues are brought to global and regional platforms such as the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

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Council Manager: Patrick McGee, Community Lead, Regional Strategies - Africa, patrick.mcgee@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, Member of the Executive Committee, elsie.kanza@weforum.org