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Over the next four decades, rapid ageing of populations will be one of the most powerful transformative forces affecting society. Although this demographic shift first started in developed economies, it is fast becoming a global challenge. While the proportion of people over 65 years old around the globe is currently 10%, it is expected to jump to 22% by 2050. This will have a significant impact in areas such as social welfare, public health and economic prosperity.

It is vital that key actors fully understand the current and upcoming transformations, as well as the potential risks and opportunities they bring.

The Global Agenda Council on Ageing will develop and disseminate key messages on the positive opportunities of ageing societies for businesses and governments; catalyse scalable multistakeholder actions to improve the lives of older individuals in sentinel cities and will draw upon emerging technologies and partners in innovative sectors to address a key challenge for this demographic group: cognitive decline.

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Council Manager: Vanessa Candeias, Practice Lead, Future of Health Initiatives, Global Health and Healthcare, Vanessa.Candeias@weforum.org

Forum Lead: Arnaud Bernaert, Head of Global Health and Healthcare Industries, Member of the Executive Committee, Arnaud.Bernaert@weforum.org