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Used in factories, as exploratory vehicles in deep sea and space, for minimally invasive surgical procedures, as automated vacuum cleaners and as exoskeletal artificial limbs, technological advances in robotics over the past few years have been impressive.

Robots are coming into our lives more than ever before and they have the potential to considerably transform our lives. Artificial intelligence is increasingly moving out of the lab into industrial development. Devices and appliances used in everyday life are becoming more “smart”, with internet connectivity multiplying exponentially the capabilities of phones, watches, eyeglasses and cars. However, as these trends emerge and develop, few people can fully understand – and in some cases accept – what it means for them in the context of social, technical, economic, legal and cultural changes.

The Global Agenda Council on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics has set itself the challenge of putting in place and coordinating an international action plan to launch and strengthen global activities on integrating the advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and smart devices into society, with all of its technical, economic, politic and social dimensions, to the benefit of society.

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Council Manager: Bernhard Petermeier, Community Lead, Technology Pioneers, Global Leadership Fellow, bernhard.petermeier@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Martina Larkin, Head of Europe and Eurasia, Member of the Executive Committee, martina.gmur@weforum.org