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Many government policies aim to change people’s behaviour for the better. However, in some areas, including health, the environment and personal finance, the punishment/reward framework has been
inadequate. By using insights from behavioural sciences when designing these policies, we can ensure they have significantly more impact with very little extra cost.

This approach has already been successfully implemented in a number of policy contexts, helping people make better decisions across different areas of their lives.

However, worldwide only a few governments have behavioural insights teams to build on existing brain and behavioural science research. The remaining 190+ countries would greatly benefit from knowing more about proven behavioural solutions, and could then in turn also incorporate them into their policies.

The Global Agenda Council on Behaviour Change will work to increase awareness of behavioural insight approaches, such as nudge theory. This knowledge could then be applied in the development of cost-effective and powerful policies. The council will be working with other Forum members on existing projects to ensure behavioural insights are included in approaches and recommendations.

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Council Manager & Forum Lead: Olivier Oullier, Head of Strategy, Global Health and Healthcare Industries, Olivier.Oullier@weforum.org