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As the volume, variety and velocity of data continues to increase, so too do the possibilities for how it can be applied to tackle global challenges such as international development. It provides unprecendented opportunities to discover new insights, build new relationships, coordinate with greater agility and empower individuals. The era of big data is potentially transformational.

But to achieve these benefits, we need a deeper understanding of several interdependent issues. Trust needs to be restored. We need to learn more about the dynamics of constantly changing data flows. New means and mechanisms for engaging individuals need to be developed. Theoretical and abstract discussions are not enough to achieve this. We need to gain our insights from real-world implementation.

The Global Agenda Council on Data-Driven Development will leverage work in the area of human-centred, trustworthy and accountable data flows to transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world. This work will bring together a community of leading government, civil society, academic, NGO and business leaders to gain actionable and focused insights. The council will work to put in place frameworks and business incentives for the creation of shared data resources for the purposes of international development. These would link and share a variety of data sets (personal, governmental, passively collected, private). The purposes is to create something that can be scaled and used at all levels. The areas it will cover include disease outbreak, global health, disaster preparedness and the food/energy/water nexus.

Contact Us:

Council Manager: William Hoffman, Project Lead, Information and Communication Technology Industries, william.hoffman@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Alan Marcus, Head of ICT Agenda, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Member of Management Committee, alan.marcus@weforum.org