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The possibility of less carbon-intensive and even carbon-free energy as major sources of energy during the coming years is consistent with the long-term transformation and structural change of the energy system. On one hand, oil has assumed a dominant role at the same time as the automotive, petrochemical and other industries have matured. The current reliance on coal in many developing countries illustrates the gap between the structure of primary energy supply and actual final energy needs. On the other hand, the excessive use of fossil fuel has severe environmental consequences, with global warming being one of the most important environmental problems of our times.

In the coming term, the Global Agenda Council on Decarbonizing Energy will identify effective pathways to decarbonizing the energy mix and catalyse their implementation. In particular, the council will focus on different cross-sectors, including oil, gas and electricity, in search of best practices and give visibility via the Forum’s multiple communication platforms (Forum:Blog, TopLink, reports, social media, events).

At the company level, the council will identify innovative strategies to decarbonize energy and will analyse future market opportunities. At the technology level, it will address the carbon footprint of different fuel sources, renewable energy and breakthrough energy technologies. At the country level, the council will focus on policy instruments, such as the carbon tax, carbon trading and effective renewables policies. At the regional and global level, the council will look to get involved with Europe 2030, the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the UN on energy and environmental issues.

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Council Manager: Espen Mehlum, Head of Knowledge Management and Integration, Energy Industries, espen.mehlum@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy Industries, Member of the Executive Committee, roberto.bocca@weforum.org