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Created in response to the 2008 food price crisis, the Global Agenda Council on Food & Nutrition Security has one main aim: ensuring sustainable food and nutrition security for all. It provides thought leadership and expertise to help achieve this goal, directly linked to the World Economic Forum's Global Challenge on Food Security and Agriculture.

The Council's mandate is to ensure food and nutrition security for all by promoting a step change in sustainable food and agriculture systems, pursuing a set of priorities simultaneously and at scale: productivity, nutrition, resiliency, a reduced environmental footprint, profitability, and transparency. The Council will put special emphasis on farmer-focused processes, engaging women and youth, and on incentivizing nutrition in food systems.

The Council has focused on three significant areas of work to date:
-A Global Food Systems Index to help policy-makers, business executives and civil society leaders to target investments and activities for food systems change;
-Case studies on Food Systems Transformation, drawing lessons from Rwanda, Brazil and Vietnam; and
-Messaging and events, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the Council's mandate.

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Lorin Fries, Project Lead, Agriculture and Food Security Initiatives, Consumer Industries, Lorin.Fries@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Lisa Dreier, Head of Agriculture and Food Security Initiatives, Consumer Industries, Lisa.Dreier@weforum.org