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Countries that invest in girls and integrate women into the workforce tend to be more competitive. For this reason, many governments are considering or already implementing policies to promote opportunities for women. Mounting research and anecdotal evidence show that closing the gender gap is good for companies, too. Those that successfully engage women can reap a rich diversity dividend. With talent shortages projected to become more severe, it is imperative for business to have access to female talent.

The Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity has been working to raise awareness and share best practices on gender issues. It helped come up with the idea of an open area on the Forum’s website where companies can share examples of how they are closing the gender gap, and developed a compendium outlining how gender parity could address global challenges. The council also acted as an advisory body to three country task forces that aimed to close their economic gender gap by 10% in three years. These lessons and experiences were published in a toolkit for other countries to use.

In the 2014-2016 term, the council will focus on increasing female participation in the labour force by looking at current trends at industry levels. Council members will share detailed information on industry policies and practices, explicit and implicit barriers to female participation in senior management, and other areas that influence the gender gap, such as talent development. The council will put in place a plan to share all their findings.

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Council Manager: Till Leopold, Project Lead, Employment, Skills and Human Capital Initiative, Gender Parity Programme and Human Capital, till.leopold@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Saadia Zahidi, Head of Employment and Gender Initiatives, Gender Parity Programme and Human Capital, Member of the Executive Committee, saadia.zahidi@weforum.org