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The world is witnessing a return of strategic competition between advanced states that has not been experienced for decades. Moving from a unipolar to a more multipolar world, economic security is becoming a vital component to a country’s ability to project power in the 21st century. This is largely due to the expansion of regional trade deals and the integration of global financial markets. Examples can be found in East and South-East Asia, in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe/Eurasia.

In this period of rising global geopolitical tensions, addressing the interaction between geopolitics, energy security and international economic trends, and the political and security implications, is of paramount importance to help foster continued global prosperity.

With this challenging landscape as a backdrop, the purpose of the Global Agenda Council on Geo-economics is to enhance a shared understanding of major global transformations, to improve management of risks for governments and business, and to address the economic motivations and instruments increasingly being used for cross-border political and strategic purposes.

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