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Businesses stand to play a critical role in strengthening human rights worldwide. Human rights’ challenges confront businesses in all sectors, including factory safety in the garment and retail sectors, privacy and free expression in the information and communication technology field, preventing child and forced labour on arms supplying food and beverage companies, and stemming the flow of conflict minerals in the electronics industry.

Raising awareness of the opportunities and risks to businesses in the field of human rights can bring more actors to the table to collaborate. Business leaders in different industries are now working together, along with other stakeholders, to develop standards, benchmarks and implementation plans to operationalize these broad principles, and to provide effective remedies when these standards are not met.

The Global Agenda Council on Human Rights focuses its work in several sectors to encourage industry-wide approaches to human rights challenges. The main focus for this term is to engage the supply chain sector to take the responsibilities of respecting human rights in their operations and to build a business case in collaboration with supply chain leaders to highlight the values and importance of including human rights as core to their sustainable practices.

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