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Nanotechnology is the precise biochemical manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale to shape macroscale properties and characteristic of materials and processes.
Nanoscale manipulation can be achieved using chemical, biological and even mechanical approaches. Today, many commercial products already contain nanomaterials or are manufactured using nanotechnology.

The scientific community agrees that nanotechnology will have its main impact on technological developments over the decades to come and is also likely to impact society as a whole. However, attached with these opportunities are considerable risks, such as the potential risk for human health and
safety due to unique and unknown properties of nanomaterials and their interaction with the human body.

The Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnology will act as a scientific intelligence service that assesses which areas or niches of nanotechnology will be most likely to provide technological and societal benefits or pose risks to society. The council will determine areas that should be supported for commercialization, as well as suggest precautionary regulation for areas in which risks outweigh benefits. The council will also critically assesses real versus perceived risks of nanotechnology and how the public can be informed in a balanced manner.

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