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In a time of rising geopolitical tensions around the world, the issue of non-proliferation and disarmament is as important as ever. In the absence of dedicated and effective policies in this area, there is reason to fear a new nuclear arms race, not the least in East Asia.

At the beginning of his presidency, US President Barack Obama spoke of the importance on reducing the numbers of nuclear weapons. Apart from one limited agreement between the US and Russia, little has been achieved, and the issue of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe has been sidelined until relations with Russia have improved.

While the issues of disarmament and non-proliferation are an important component of nuclear security, it is also important to consider the emergence of nuclear energy as a viable energy source around the world. Over 45 countries (among them the UAE, Turkey, Vietnam, Belarus, Poland and possibly Jordan) are investing heavily in new reactors to significantly increase their use of nuclear power or are actively considering embarking upon nuclear power programmes.

With this challenging landscape as a backdrop, the purpose of the Global Agenda Council on Nuclear Security is to leverage the private and public sector to stimulate a discussion on the broader issues of nuclear security, including disarmament and non-proliferation, as well as the importance of securing high-risk nuclear materials to prevent nuclear terrorism.

The council will merge traditional voices of nuclear security with industry voices, providing the ideal environment to lead discussions on these issues. Council members, representing various stakeholder groups, will work towards developing a framework for effective nuclear security governance in favour of common actions to reduce risk and significantly improve nuclear security. The council also aims to inspire the agenda at the Nuclear Security Summit, to be held in Washington DC, USA, in 2016.

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