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Development of biotechnology and advanced materials has gained momentum over the past several decades. Today, this evolving convergence of multiple value chains and industries is driving rapid development of science. The World Economic Forum is in a position to promote further discussions on how chemicals, biotechnology and advanced materials can help solve pressing human challenges and become more broadly used to improve people’s lives. Success will require involvement and support from a diverse group of industry, government, academic leaders and NGOs.

The Global Agenda Council on Future of Chemicals, Advanced Materials & Biotechnology aims to identify bottlenecks and hot spots in biotechnology and advanced materials across different sectors and countries, and work on these bottlenecks together with customers and solution providers. The council also aims to capture the trends in the future of chemicals and advanced materials and new business models and materials that are emerging, as well as connect “atoms to bits” by linking together different sectors and work on the concept of emerging industries. How can the chemicals industries be an effective solution provider? What are the hurdles and what are the opportunities?

Council Members will have the opportunity to shape the Forum’s programmes for upcoming events by providing insights into biotechnology and through initiatives such as the Forum’s 3B Platform (biorefineries, biotechnology and bioenergy).

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Tatiana Babakina, Associate Director, Chemicals, Tatiana.babakina@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Fernando J. Gómez, Head of Chemistry and Advanced Materials, Basic and Infrastructure Industries, fernando.gomez@weforum.org