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The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Digital Communications, steering the Telecommunications Industry project ‘Future of Digital Communications’, will encourage the development and benefits of the digital economy with a focus on:

1. Developing two tools to propose the alignment of policy and regulatory approach worldwide and support innovation, investment, trust and access. The tools will be published in March 2016 and consist of:

a) a regulatory heat-map to provide an organized, accessible overview of the regulatory landscape and identify the key elements of conflict it may hold

b) a regulatory trade-offs tool to illustrate sets of metrics that appear to be in tension with each other and to provide perspective on the aggregate impact of decisions

2. Convening stakeholders from various backgrounds, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum's ‘Future of the Internet Global Challenge’, to collect successful practice examples for global internet access and adoption. The results will be published in a report that will be launched in the first half of 2016

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Rodrigo Arias, Content Lead, Telecommunications Industry, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Global Leadership Fellow, rodrigo.arias@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Alan Marcus, Head of ICT Agenda, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Member of Management Committee, Forum USA, alan.marcus@weforum.org