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The role of investment institutions is to provide financing and allocate capital to meet the needs of individuals, companies and society as a whole. When they do this well, they help to create and maintain an efficient and functional economy by facilitating sustainable growth and prosperity. On the other hand, unproductive capital allocation will often result in some form of crisis or malaise.

As such, the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Investing will identify areas of inefficient or insufficient capital deployment and assess the potential impact of transformative industry trends. Areas and topics that
will be examined include:

• The increasing pervasiveness of networked technologies and their ability to disrupt traditional investment destinations and raise cyber vulnerability

• The impact of new regulation – both direct regulation of investment firms and overspill from regulation of the formal financial sector (banks, insurers) – on investment firms’ business models and the overall stability of the financial system

• The transition of many pension funds from a “defined benefit” model to a “defined contribution” model, and the potential consequences for future pension stability as well as the alternative investment universe

• The unintended consequences of increasingly global pools of capital, where more funds will likely do the same things, resulting in fewer stabilizing mechanisms and hence, a more vulnerable financial system

• The exit of unconventional monetary policy in developed markets, and the potential impacts on the investment universe and the real economy

• New mechanisms to fund early stage ideas, which have traditionally struggled to gain access to capital.

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Council Manager: Natalya Guseva, Community Lead, Institutional Investors 5 natalya.guseva@weforum.org

Forum Lead: Michael Drexler, Head of Investors Industries, Member of Management Committee, Michael.drexler@weforum.org