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The media, entertainment and information (MEI) industry has long played a role in informing, educating and entertaining consumers and citizens. Recently, new technologies and changes in consumption habits have influenced how the industry creates, distributes and transforms content into profit. As the industry continues to innovate in content, formats and business models, it must also balance its economic imperative and social role.

In its current term, the council developed a framework to assist communities in measuring their access to and use of digital media, entertainment, and information products, services and content, referred to simply as “digital media”. Communities can include nations, cities or any other collective of citizens that can benefit from what has been phrased as digital media readiness. An application of the framework can be to help rank countries or cities according to their readiness to participate in and embrace digital media, but also to stimulate investment from both the public and private sectors in areas that increase readiness. NB: actual ranking would require further development of the metrics layout for each indicator in the Digital Media Readiness Framework, including the measuring of each across a significant community base.

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