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The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Oil & Gas is developing a vision of what the oil and gas industry might look like in 30 to 40 years. With energy security concerns, resource scarcity and economics increasingly challenging and transforming the energy world, the council is focusing on “black swans” and alternative pathways that might dramatically change the role of oil and gas in the global market, as well as exploring potential scenarios for oil and gas demand, along with corresponding implications for the industry. The council is also focused on understanding the role of national, international and independent oil and gas firms and oil field services companies in those alternative future scenarios.

A key area is the emerging role of independent oil and gas firms. Given the unique geopolitical, financial and organizational challenges faced by a wide range of national oil companies, how are the roles of independents changing to provide for the world’s energy requirements? The role of equity finance in
developing new oil firms, technology innovation and unconventional resources are also explored. What will the activities of independents and new sources of supplies mean for energy security, and will oil and gas remain the world’s key source for fuelling economic activity?

The council is looking at data-driven statistics and forecasts to assess future supply patterns and business models, matched with emerging factors (policy, prices, fuel substitution, demographics), that might change demand patterns for oil and gas. By identifying future patterns and assessing which geopolitical, demographic and social risks might emerge to impact the landscape, the council aims to provide an insightful and ground-breaking future vision for the industry.

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Maciej Kolaczkowski, Community Lead, Oil and Gas Industry, Energy Industries, maciej.kolaczkowski@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy Industries, Member of the Executive Committee, Roberto.Bocca@weforum.org