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In the aftermath of the global economic crisis, the lack of cooperation on issues such as climate change and trade has created a governance vacuum that regional organizations are well-placed to fill. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s Inaugural Global Meeting of Regional Organizations in 2012 concluded that stronger regional organizations could play a vital role in attaining broader results and have an increasing responsibility to support global governance.

Today, there are more than 50 major regional organizations worldwide, and in the absence of strong global cooperation they have been forging their own paths, creating alternative regional and inter-regional governance frameworks. The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Regional Organizations seeks to improve decision-making and cooperation between these regional organizations in an effort to support governance structures and tackle regional challenges.

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Council Manager: Inga Petersen, Community Lead, Regional Strategies - Government Engagement, Impact and Strategy, Global Leadership Fellow, inga.petersen@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Miroslav Dusek, Head of Middle East and North Africa, Member of the Executive Committee, Miroslav.dusek@weforum.org