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The digitization of all parts of society continues to gather pace at an exponential rate. Information technology is transforming business and increasingly impacting a broad range of policy domains – from health systems to trade. As a result, the information technology industry itself is increasingly in focus as business and government leaders strive to adapt to the new digital landscape.

Members of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Services will come together to discuss how the next generation of enterprise and personal digital ecosystems will evolve. They will also define key drivers and issues and prioritize those which require greater understanding, action or global collaboration.

The council will provide thought leadership to the Forum’s Information Technology Industry community, as well as to the digital agenda of the Forum more broadly. The focus will be to define the transformational drivers and issues for and from the industry, and shape and curate the agenda at the Annual Meeting in Davos as well as the Forum’s Industry programme throughout the year.

Council members will meet virtually as well as in person at the Summit on the Global Agenda, the world’s largest brainstorming event, to further discuss relevant issues.

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Roger Zhang, Community Lead, Information Technology Industry, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Global Leadership Fellow, Roger.Zhang@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Alan Marcus, Head of ICT Agenda, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Member of Management Committee, Forum USA, alan.marcus@weforum.org