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The challenges of connecting people of different opinions, values, beliefs, faiths and cultures are growing. Public demand for accountability and transparency, changes from scientific and technological development, growing income disparity, unemployment and the breakdown of family structures are some of the concerns that remain at the forefront of the work of the Global Agenda Council on Values. In this context, council members are exploring how they can advance the implementation of the “New Social Covenant”.

The objectives of the covenant are to inform key business, government and civil society representatives, and to inspire the use of the covenant to shift practices and cultures towards improving the state of the world. The council has identified ways to move the covenant from theory to action through a network of “Covenanters”, who will champion the concept in their communities, and by gaining support and commitment through a series of informal meetings and sessions. The council will also partner with universities such as Georgetown University to create curricula on value-based leadership. Following a conference in collaboration with Georgetown University in September 2013, the council organized an event at Stellenbosch University where key leaders of South African communities discussed the New Social Covenant.

Over the next two years, the council will continue to use social media platforms to communicate and highlight elements of the covenant, including digital media through the Forum’s multistakeholder platform and the council’s micro blog. In partnership with select Global Shapers, the council will also organize a series of meetings to kick off the covenanter initiative.

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Council Manager: Michèle Mischler, Lead, Swiss Strategy and Development, Swiss Government Relations, Michele.mischler@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Nicholas Davis, Head of Society and Innovation, Member of the Executive Committee, Nicholas.Davis@weforum.org