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A three-year journey of on-the-job learning, academic training, individual development and coaching.

In the world today, we see numerous factors combining to make the global environment more unpredictable and difficult to navigate. Technological change is disrupting our economies and changing the nature of our globalized world in ways that are both volatile and complex: a younger generation is demanding to be heard, and new geo-economic competition and growing nationalism are emerging. These driving forces require new ways of approaching challenges, new ways of thinking and new styles of leadership.

Only with a broader view and deeper understanding of the interconnections between industries, regions and other systemic issues can leaders shape a better future. This means having a shared vision for change, empowering widespread action and enabling mutual accountability.

The Global Leadership Fellows Programme of the World Economic Forum aims to prepare individuals for leadership in an increasingly complex and ambiguous world, addressing some of the most difficult problems on the planet through public-private orientation.

It’s a three-year programme that combines intensive on-the-job experience, an innovative learning curriculum, personalized coaching and mentoring and access to an extensive network of alumni.

We are looking for dynamic, engaged and driven individuals who possess a high degree of intellectual curiosity and service-oriented humility; an entrepreneur in the global public interest with a profound sense of purpose regardless of the scale and scope of the challenge.

During the three year journey of the Fellowship Programme, you will foster your strengths and address areas of development. You will prepare for leadership in both public and private sectors, and to work across all spheres of global society: business, government, civil society and academia. You will learn through peers, projects, passion and play, all within an immensely diverse community of individuals united in their drive and commitment to improve the state of the world.


Drive for change

We look for individuals who can demonstrate their commitment to the World Economic Forum’s mission, whether from professional achievements, personal accomplishments, community engagements or entrepreneurial endeavours. This means those with the character and spirit to maintain their core purpose and integrity amid ambiguity and unforeseen change. All these aspects will be considered when assessing your application.

International perspective

We look for individuals who are globally minded and culturally sensitive. We highly value those who have international experience and have developed insights into the complexities and opportunities of the public and private sectors within a global context. This means we are keen to work with individuals who have either lived, worked or studied abroad or who are working on an international level across all sectors of society.

Grit and desire for impact

The World Economic Forum is a fast-paced, demanding environment. This setting, coupled with an intensive full-time job and a rigorous academic curriculum, calls for the fortitude and attitude to persevere. It also requires the passion and commitment to achieve both short and long-term goals. A solid academic grounding – either a Master’s Degree or equivalent from a recognised university – is also required.

Personal growth

We look for individuals who are curious, collaborative and critical thinkers; those who have the courage, commitment and ability to articulate, embody and help realize the change and possibility that the world needs. You possess the drive to thrive and grow intellectually and emotionally, characterized by a strong will and service-oriented humility to contribute to the Forum’s mission. You are expected to be a proactive contributor, engaged in class discussions, participate in special taskforces and share your insights and learnings with your Fellows, your team and the Forum community as a whole.


  • 3-year unique programme
  • 11 academic modules
  • 25 high quality candidates selected annually
  • 6,000+ applications received annually
  • 170 Fellows graduated since 2005
  • 10-year anniversary in 2015

Application for 2017 will open in Spring