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What is the Global Shapers Community?
The Global Shapers Community comprises over 6,000 young people based in more than 450 cities in 170 countries and territories. They are organized into a network of Hubs dedicated to creating local impact. Together, they form a powerful source of grass-roots knowledge and global youth perspectives.

What do Global Shapers do?
Global Shapers take action on issues they care about and positively disrupt global policy discussions. Each Hub is required to undertake a project that positively impacts the local community.

What do Curators do?
Curators are empowered to shape and lead their Hubs under the guidance of the community charter. Hubs are organized in an autonomous way and develop their own guidelines adapted to the local context. Hubs rely on principles of inclusivity, collaboration and shared decision making.

Shaping Davos series here: www.shapingdavos.org