André Hoffmann Fellowship for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

About the Programme

The André Hoffmann Fellowship for the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers early-career academics the opportunity to work at the intersection of society, science and technology through a joint appointment between the World Economic Forum and leading academic institutions.

The Forum tackles societal, industry and economic challenges from all angles. Together with our Partners, Members and communities of experts, we develop policy frameworks, industry agendas and innovative solutions that push the boundaries of how we think about and respond to global challenges.

The Fellowship Programme develops a crucial link between primary research undertaken in higher education institutions and the Forum’s public-private collaborations on emerging technologies. This two-year fellowship programme is designed to draw on and enhance the academic and professional skills of an early career researcher by creating a unique opportunity to work across a broad range of disciplines to forge enduring solutions to the greatest challenges. Hoffmann Fellows are embedded within the Forum’s key “platform” initiatives, working in close collaboration with platform teams while benefiting from the Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Global Network.

Fellows will be working in a partnership between the Forum, Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the academic institution. The Hoffmann Fellowship and its model of residency at two different institutions over two years will facilitate the development of strong links between the Forum linked initiatives and the Centre of excellence and/or researcher at the university. University leadership commits to enabling the academic supervisor and the Hoffmann Fellow to leverage the resources of the university in support of the Forum’s expertise and network related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For the year of 2021/2022, André Hoffmann Fellowships are planned focusing on the following:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture & 4IR

  2. Assessing Business Risk from Climate Change

  3. Geospatial Data and Technology

Meet the Hoffmann Fellows

Meet our Fellows, read more about their stories and their impact through the joint Fellowship between the Forum and a leading Academic Institution.

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