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In many countries worldwide, the gap between rich and poor is widening, youth unemployment is rising, and access to basic services remains a challenge for many. The global community is calling for change – for solutions that foster economic growth in a more inclusive manner.

The Meta-council on Inclusive Growth seeks to advance understanding of the practical opportunities available to countries to advance a more socially inclusive form of economic growth, including by helping to guide the Forum’s cross-cutting work on inclusive growth and the future of capitalism. In cooperation with other international organizations, the Forum is exploring the development of an analytical framework that would enable governments to benchmark the extent to which their policies and enabling institutions – in a wide range of relevant policy domains – are conducive to strong, broad-based progress in living standards relative to peer experience.

By convening the foremost economists, policy-makers and experts from a wide range of relevant policy domains and countries for a structured series of evidence-based discussions, the council hopes to contribute to a better appreciation of how public policy influences socioeconomic inclusion by shining a light on the full spectrum of policy levers available to promote social participation in the process and benefits of economic growth without dampening incentives to work, save and invest.

The Meta-council on Inclusive Growth will support a more informed, and, ultimately, more productive debate about the options available to countries to achieve stronger growth with greater equity.

Contact Us:

Council Manager: Chidiogo Akunyili, Community Lead, Global Shapers - Africa, Global Leadership Fellow, chidiogo.akunyili@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Jennifer Blanke, Chief Economist, Economics Pillar, Member of the Executive Committee, Jennifer.Blanke@weforum.org