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The shift from a “take, make and dispose” economic model towards more “circular” approaches, which promote continuous and regenerative flows of materials for use in manufacturing and consumption, is gaining ground. Importantly, scaling up the circular economy offers opportunity for economic growth, job creation and innovation. An estimated $1 trillion of economic value to be gained from “going circular” at scale is encouraging corporate leaders to rethink their business model in ways that design out waste.

To support the cross-industry collaboration that is needed to scale the circular economy, the enablers of this transition need to be understood, notably the policy enablers. Policy incentives for innovation, education and job creation, governance structures and support needed for governments to enable such shifts must be considered.

The Meta-council on the Circular Economy will convene experts as well as business, policy and civil society leaders to rethink and help redesign the policy ecosystems needed to allow systems-level change and widespread adoption of circular models.

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