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There is an increasing focus on improving health outcomes and quality of health delivery while reducing costs. This has spawned a number of disruptive innovations often lead by non-health businesses. As a consequence, traditional members of the healthcare industry—physicians, hospitals, drug and device companies—no longer are the only or even dominant players in the health market. Therefore, the traditional business models of the healthcare industry must be redefined in ways that unlock better value and more effective treatment, if necessary by bringing unnatural partners together.

The Meta-Council on the Future of Health aims to make population’s health more sustainable by leveraging non-health industries such as IT, infrastructure and consumers.

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Council Manager: Dessislava Dimitrova, Project Lead, Health Systems Transformation, Global Health and Healthcare, Dessislava.Dimitrova@weforum.org
Forum Lead: Arnaud Bernaert, Head of Global Health and Healthcare Industries, Member of the Executive Committee, Arnaud.Bernaert@weforum.org